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Curtin Fieldwork Education @ Curtin

Fieldwork Preparation Online

Fieldwork Preparation Online is a set of resources available to Curtin fieldwork coordinators and students online. The five generic Curtin modules are:

  1. Introduction to Fieldwork: Explains the purpose of fieldwork and the roles and responsibilities of the student, fieldwork coordinator and partner supervisor.
  2. Preparing for Fieldwork: Practical preparation, including risk assessments, security checks, health screening or immunisations required by your school or faculty; and organising ‘reasonable adjustments’ if you have a disability or medical condition.
  3. Insurance, Safety and Travel: Identifies arrangements that need to be in place prior to commencing fieldwork; and how to obtain support if an incident occurs while undertaking fieldwork.
  4. Professional Conduct: Information about privacy, confidentiality, and codes of ethics and conduct to enable students to take responsibility for their own behaviour while undertaking fieldwork.
  5. Learning in the workplace: How to set personal learning goals and understand fieldwork assessment requirements, to gain maximum benefit from your fieldwork activity.

Fieldwork Preparation Online is available from a Blackboard unit site. Once enrolled in the unit, students or staff will automatically gain access to the materials via the Blackboard log-in.

How to access Fieldwork Preparation Online

  1. Log into Blackboard via OASIS
  2. Select the Community tab across the top of the Blackboard home page
  3. Select Teaching and Learning from the Organization Catalog
  4. Click on Fieldwork Preparation Online
  5. Choose the blue text "Click here to enrol"
  6. On the left-hand side navigation menu, click on the grey text box " + Enrol"
  7. When the page "Self-enrolment" shows on the screen, click "Submit".
  8. You are now enrolled and will find the unit under the Community tab of your Blackboard page.

For teaching staff wishing to access their student quiz responses via the Grade Centre, please email and your Blackboard access will be amended to allow this.